Monday, February 23, 2009

Ride somewhere new

We went out for a ride today - to a farm in Kaukapakapa (pr. cow coppa coppa)... a friend of Michelle's runs a horse farm out there (lots of wee foals and Mums)...

We arrived and I saw two fat pigs in the same area the float was parked. Garbo saw them and kind of froze so he rushed off the float a bit, but after a few stares he was fine about them.

I took my bareback pad and hackamore and we went for a big ride - for about an hour in a big green paddock - it's about 3 acres big I guess. Garbo seemed keen to carry on around the farm (through the gates at the far corner of the paddock). We mainly walked with a few steps of trot every now and again for me to practice.

He loaded like an angel by the way - we had our hack with Shadwick the clydie 5 year old that Michelle rode. He's very cute.. but I didn't take any photos - sorry!

No no photos of the farm, the clydie or the pigs!

Garbo seemed reluctant to go home after meeting his new friend, but he loaded and off we headed home again to see how Maraschino was. George said he called out a bit in between eating and a couple of spurts of trot to and from the gate and the clay pile. But all in all he was fine.

I hope the walk today was good for Garbo's back - I didn't use the saddle for that reason. He seemed very happy and was very calm considering it was a new place - with pigs!

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cilla said...

pigs! i would be prizing Lizzie from the roof of the float!! sounds like you had a great time and Garbo was fabulous. so cool!
no pictures of the Clydie...tut tut tut!