Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dinner time

It was a really stormy night last night and finally now it's settled so I fed the boys earlyish - look how brave Coco is now. Next step is to shut his yard gate as well. The boys survived the night fine, the barrels had gone walkabout (one all the way into the orchard - goodness knows how it got through two lots of electrobraid! Maraschino and Garbo both have a slightly runny nose so I have upped their garlic. I have been inside watching Savvy Club videos of the online self assessments today (Pat's version). I think I could pass L3 online looking at them. Definitely L2 (and plus I don't have a 45ft rope yet so maybe I'll buy one (and another 22ft - then I can do the long reins parts too.) at the SCC) online anyway and L2 Liberty I would say (except I don;t have a round pen). So that's cool... of course I ahve a few things that I think - hmm I would have to really set that up for success before turning the camera on!

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cilla said...

now thats a lovely sight..Coco doing what the other boys do, like he belongs. sweet.