Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Introversion - has many subtle signs

Maraschino is a real mystery. He is RB/LB Introvert. Definitely introvert. Alot of the time LB but sometimes very RB. Very curious, very mouthy.

Anyway - today I was playing on the 22ft line with him - he is still very wary of the savvy string and of the rope. I asked him to follow me while swinging the CS and savvy string from side to side and there was slack in the rope most of the time. He kept a close eye on it though and his head high.

I asked him to circle and he did at a slow walk.

I asked him to go over a jump - his legs are so long he can just step over it but he caught his back legs on it and got a fright but recovered well. I asked him back the other way and he picked up his back feet. Then he looked sleepy again - as he does when we play. His eyes start closing like he is falling asleep (like babies do when they are fighting sleep)... this time I sat down under his head and waited. It was about 5 minutes and he finally yawned a few times and then started to lick all the suntan lotion off my shoulders and neck.

LOL I tried swinging the savvy string and carrot stick behind me while I was walking, like Pat did with the RBI in the January DVD, with it casually swinging over the horse, and it hit him on the rump and he jumped! Hmmmm... Pat made it look so easy!

Garbo and I did a bit of liberty and I took him for a graze away from Maraschino since they had not been seperated for a few days. Garbo couldn't back into his yard today, unless I sent him in first and yo yoed him in and out one step at a time. Once zone 5 is clear though he can't back up straight again.

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