Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have the boys grazing some of our topsoil pile for about an hour a day. They love it because it's full of yummy weeds and also it's really good for them as they have to negotiate tight spaces, steep banks and sometimes eat with their front feet quite alot higher than their back - kind of like being on a pedestal. They are both getting more confident going up and down this bank you can see now.

I got this gazebo for $24 and decided to put it up for us to sit in the shade and also to use for float training preparation for Maraschino.

Maraschino was in the same area while we were erecting it and he ran away a few times, but soon enough he was coming over to see if I had any food while I was sitting under it.

I didn't get it completed till evening and then the wind got up so I took it down soon after, it's not ideal as it has guide ropes to anchor it on each leg so don't think it's completely right for horses...

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cilla said...

what a brave and curious boy M is. lovely photos. so cute.