Monday, February 16, 2009

Forest today

Today was the first day there has been no humans home to watch over Maraschino while I went out. But we had some more seperation training on Friday and he was pretty good then - still I couldn't help but worry but knew I needed to do it sooner or later.

So I made up some food for Maraschino and Coco and after I loaded Garbo (he went on perfectly with me outside the float - no carrot stick either), I went back to the wash bay and Maraschino had spotted the food buckets so could not care less that Garbo was on the float!!

I took the buckets out to them and off we went.

This is the entrance to the horse park, just inside the locked gate where we drive in.

These are what the majority of the tracks look like.

There were quite a few people there but Garbo was pretty laid back. We saddled up and got on and headed off on a new track - it was quite hilly and had deep sand. At one point Critey and Garbo got a bit of a fright when they heard a logging truck (they are logging at the moment), Critey did a 180 followed closely by Garbo - I just grabbed one rein and turned him back the other way, and they both carried on.

Garbo checking to see if there were any more carrots while we were getting ready.

Ready to go!

Garbo was a bit tired today and by the end of the ride he was ready to stop, I think a mixture of the tracks with the deep sand and the higher humidity.

I was pleased I didn't get too worried about the logging trucks when they could hear them as I was worried about coming across one.

Off we headed home after Garbo had a big roll in the sand and a wash down. And an apple of course. This is the drive to the locked gate form the horse park - that's Critey...

Coming down our road I was looking out for Maraschino but I couldn'r see him. Good sign I thought. I backed the float into it's spot, and unloaded Garbo (all that noise) and headed for the gate before Maraschino even looked up from grazing. Yay.

I am a bit sore today -it was quite a long ride. Just tired I think. It was nice feeling nervous (too much) about going to the forest - although last night I hooked up the float and couldn't get the electric brakes working and the little voice inside my head was telling me it was a good (truthful) reason to cancel. But I texted George in Cairns and he gave me a few ideas and I got it going.

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cilla said...

i was so keen to get to my computer this morning to see how you got on. looks like you were too busy relaxing and enjoying the ride to take photos as you went along. i know how that feels. grea to see you had a fun time despite the voices in your head trying to sabotage the day lol.
dont you just love the one rein stop!? x