Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving closer

But not literally.

I have been doing what Pat and Linda always say - do the opposite of what your horse expects and blow his mind. So instead of trying to get Coco to take carrots from my hand I have been putting them in one spot and walking away. Apart from that I really just ignore him and chat to him if I am walking past. I am not focussed on touching him, or getting the weeds out of his mane, or his halter off... as I was in the first month, just doing everything but.

This has worked wonders - he now comes up quite quickly when he sees me - to a safe distance. But in the last few days he has been getting closer and closer to the other two when they have been in their yards. So two nights ago I got him a baby bucket for some mini dinner at night with the big boys. Last night I put the bucket in the entrance of the third yard, and tonight, in the yard - just a little way. He came straight in, and I ducked under into Maraschinos yard. Here he is eating with the big boys.

Initially I thought he was not interested in humans at all but I now think he is - think (as Cilla says) that he would like to be my friend - he just does not know how.

They are all getting on really well now which is good.

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