Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stage 3 booklet, L2 review

Thought I would add a bit from the old L2 booklets each day...I have so much to do in these little pocket guides.

Changing directions at the trot on the 22 foot line.
Objective to smoothly change directions at the trot on the 22ft line and horse to maintain trot.

You have to have accomplished first;

1. The bring back and allow in the circle game. Your horse should be able to maintain trot at the circle. (hmm - need to work on this I feel).

a. Have your disengagement so finely tuned that you can just look at his hindquarters (phase 1) and have him come to you. If not go through your phases: lift your carrot stick and savvy string directly toward Zone 4. Do not pull on the line and keep your feet within your circle.

b. If your horse speeds up rather than disengaging and facing you, shorten the line, then slap the ground hard again, then shorten the line, and slap the ground hard again, repat this until he disenages and faces you, or until he's close enough to tap Zone 4.

c. When he faces you, relax and wait until he licks his lips, and then Send him out again and repeat the experience. Each time you repeat this your horse will respond sooner, until finally it will take just a look from you at those hindquarters and he'll snap around without you even slapping the ground.!

2. A good Yo-Yo game- there should be no resistance, especially in the come forward part. You should be able to run backwards and comb the underside of your rope with the Carrot Stick to draw your horse in to you at the trot.

a. Walk backwards abd comb the underside of the rope with your carrot stick, all the while drawing your horse towards you. At first, your horse may be skeptical of this but pretty soon he'll read your friendly invitation and his growing confidence will be reflected in his willingness to come forward.

b. Slow and right will build fast and right. Get to where you can run backwards while rubbing the rope and reeling it in, and your horse will run to you. Don't expect this to happen consistently after just one session! Take a few practice sessions to get good at it.

This exercise is a great key in preparing for changing directions at the trot on the 22 foot line. Once your horse is confident in running to you. It will be easy to redirect him onto a new circle in the other direction.

I shall post more once I have all of this sorted!


Jen said...

I want to add to this, your energy needs to pointed in the right direction when you want to send him off the other way. If you have your energy (bellybutton) blocking him, you may find you have a problem. If you turn your 'bullhorns' a little to 1) take off pressure and 2) point where you want him to go, you may also have luck. Emily showed me this just last week! :) I was blocking her levels horse (they are deep into level 3) and she is very sensitive. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, but when I tried it, it worked. I have been very aware of that lately and it seems to help.

Have fun and have your wonderful husband take some video for us! :)


Vicki said...

Thanks Jen - I will keep that in mind and try that :-)