Sunday, June 22, 2008

Extreme Friendly - Umbrella

It was a puddle paddock this morning after a night and morning of rain, and when I got Garbo back in at about 3pm it was still soggy - and so was he. After a groom - well the beginnings of one - we played with the umbrella. He was mugging me looking for treats and wouldn't let me pick out his feet - so we stopped that and went to Extreme Friendly.

Started off walking away with him following while I put the umbrella up and down (and twirled it) and then facing him while I walked backwards. He wasn't 100% happy and was a bit introverted (a stranger would have thought he was fine), but eventually he licked his lips. Then I closed the umbrella and swished it around making lots of noise while walking beside him. Everytime he turned towards it with Zone 1 I would stop and he would sniff it.

This is him sniffing it while it was 'dead' on the seat.

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