Saturday, June 7, 2008

Painting and Parelli

Woke up to a clear blue sky so after breakfast I took the boys covers off (it had been forecast to rain) and then I thought I would continue painting the yards. As soon as I took their covers off it clouded over and I thought oh here comes the rain so I got them all in one by one and put their covers on - but not before playing some games with Garbo and Maraschino.

Today Garbo figured out how to back up from me leadilng him by his tail. Clever boy! And his sniff my tail is getting better also. I tried combing the lead rope to get him to flex his head to the side like Pat suggests in the colt starting savvy club DVD I watched last night. That really helped with being polite asking and keeping him light. I am going to do that riding next time too.

We also did some carrot stick in the mouth and playing with mouth and tongue in preparation for the GG Dentist coming on Monday to see all three.

I was just telling Cilla I always forget to play games two and three so today I had a quick revise of porcupine and driving with lightness with Garbo - he was great!

I had a box of treats on the seat and Garbo was giving me sign language - translated "please get me a treat".

So then I stuck Garbo in his unfinished yard (no post peelings yet) so I could get Maraschino in without Garbo chasing him away - because Garbo clearly didn't think we had played long enough! And he was still trying to get the treats (politely).

I tied Maraschino up today for the first time - a quick release knot but he was such a star. "Look at me!!"

Then we played friendly game with the sack like it was a saddle blanket (nose for a smell then up and on his back)... this is him saying "I think I'm ok with this Mum".

Then I tried some driving (HQ and FQ) - interestingly Maraschino has a ball HQ and more of a chair FQ so I think he may be more LB than originally thought. I must find my charts and do one. Gosh I wonder where they will be?

Then I did some porcupine, back, HQ and FQ. He was really responsive, I only had to use phase 2 on all three. Then we played friendly with the carrot stick and savvy string over his back and withers...that was a bit scary to begin with but all he did was just jump without moving his feet..if you know what I mean - he improved very quickly.

Then it was time to put his cover on - and I am pleased to report he doesn't move away or flinch (that was the word I was looking for before instead of jumping without moving feet!) when I put the cover on his back. He stands still like an angel. He is very mouthy (LB tendency or a foal thing - not sure?)..he wants to bite everything including my ears, his lead rope, the snap, the halter, Scribbles halter, Garbo's rug strap (when it's hanging on the rails), the rails, the plant over the fence (hmmm), and the carrot stick to name a few. Oh yes - he was nibbling at the sand and the stones I put down the other day too.

Then I did some painting and finished painting all the yards. Well first coat anyway. Garbo tried to help for a while.

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Jen said...

Oh m'gosh, Vicki!

You've been very busy and I can't believe how much time you spend with them doing all these things. Good for you; well done! I can't wait to have my own horse again. :) Soon.

Anyway, Maraschino is a doll! What a good boy, standing still and just moving his mouth. A little LBE on that side? I remember my LBI mare, She'd move the HQ in hide your hiney, game 3, but game 2 she was NOT MOVING and I thought one day I got to phase 5 with my nails and everything before she even tried to move. She was leaning in and everythign and I was sure I was going to get cow kicked, but she did eventually go. The patient and passive persistence in the proper position or however that goes saved it. :) What a love Garbo is, too. Good job with him if he is remembering your games you haven't played in a long time! Shows you did it right the first time. Kudos to you!

Hope you're having a nice moderate fall there...getting the tank filled with rain, etc. Wish I could send some to ya. We've had 7 inches in this past week. Lots of flooding in the corn fields around here.

Well, gotta go but yea for you and your boys!
Jen :)