Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anything to get treats

I thought I would show you some of the challenges I have with Garbo - being the LBI that he is.

The first videos are of me asking him to back up by the tail, before much other work. His mind is TOTALLY on treats and where are they hiding! The look on his face is priceless. You will see some of my new subtle with energy as phase one backing - and also a part where I realised I was not standing up straight while driving him. For some reason I find it hard to do the Schweigermutter look while standing up straight!! - hmmm seems the video is over 100MB so I need to try and shorten it. Wish the blimmen blogger site would tell you that rather than just making you wait for nothing while it's pretending to upload!

Ok - here's the short version and then part 2

I took another video after we played some games on the ground.

Today on the ground I decided to focus on feel and subtlety. I watched the Savvy Club DVD this month, today and that horse that Ginger had - OMG I was crying with laughter - that was me and Garbo exactly. I had not realised it! He would just stand there and watch me dance. I did exactly that the last few times we played with barrels. He would look at the barrels and pretend like he didn't know what he was supposed to do... hilarious.

So armed with some new awareness and not new arrows, but reminder ones, I went out and was very specific about what I asked for, trying to do as little as possible first, and then backing it up up with a REMINDER . Phase two Garbo gets very offended so it doesn't take much to spark him up again after realising I was letting him become dull.

I had him trotting and maintaining trot on the circle with me not moving or picking up the stick, and some lovely sideways.

Then we tried the leading by the tail again.... it was a little more focused.

Oh then we did some more extreme friendly - I started skipping towards him then got self conscious thinking the neighbours could probably see me and wonder what in the heck I was doing, so we retreated into the tie up area (where no one can see us) and I started doing jumping jacks. I couldn't go alongside Garbo without him moving so I was doing them at the front of him and going from one side to the other - he was just looking at me like "what is she doing now!?"

Then I rode bareback - by myself, no one else home - just us - AND it was at 4pm. I never used to ride Garbo at 4pm because it was so close to dinner time and he would be all grumpy and pretend to spook just to get me off. Very clever boy - that savvy club segment reminded me all about that cleverness.

Anyway - the bareback ride was short and sweet but cool...

Here's the riding video - even with a pan shot to show I was actually bareback. He got a bit fast over the muddy bit - hence the wobble - I lifted the rein for him to stop. He had his ears back at one point but he was pinning them at Scribble as we rode past (my Human!). Thought I did quite well to ride bareback, hold the lead rope, and take a video!!

I have just finished watching all the Savvy Club DVD - that Beni reminded me of Garbo too - when I first got him! And especially that nose stuff - as you will have seen in the first video!

I have just come in after cleaning out the yards of poo so far tonight - before I go to bed. Garbo stands by the door into the barn so that he can get a treat before I go in - he doesn't budge from that spot - like a toll collector!


And the blooper!!
His face is priceless - after you watch Gingers horse on the June Savvy Club DVD - doing kind of a "what is it you want ? I am confused" look but sniggering to himself like Scoobey Doo... lol


Jen said...

Oh, I can't see the videos, Vicki! But I'm sure it was wonderful and fun at the same time! I just realized after reading your post that I hadn't looked at the new Savvy Club video this month! duh! I have been running like a mad woman and forgetting all about the dvd that came. Good goal for me to get that done soon. Wish I had time today. ha!


cilla said...

wheres the video? i couldnt see it :-(

Vicki said...

Sorry - it wasn't playing nice and uploading last night so I went to bed. I'll upload them now.