Friday, September 3, 2010

5 years

The day I brought Garbo home. July 9, 2005.

I have had Garbo for 5 years now, it doesn't seem like that long in some ways - like I have had him forever, and in some ways it's gone super fast. The last three years have been Parelli years and of course the most challenging yet the most rewarding. The most challenging because I have had to rethink some things and tackle things differently to most others, while being silently criticised at times for doing things differently as well.

Luckily now I am at a point where people no longer feel I am just playing with a new way, or don't know what I am doing - people are asking my advice more and more so I hope that means I now have their respect rather than their rolling eyes or skepticism.

I am busting for the weather to improve so I can start taking Garbo out - he gets his hip looked at again on September 15th so hoping (fingers crossed everyone) for the all clear.

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