Saturday, September 18, 2010

Calm in the storm

Last night we had a big storm and my horses were so calm. The wind was about 50knots and flapping the hay shed canvas, rattling the tie up rings and the yard doors, blowing my dust pans around the wash bay - and yet the few times I went out to check on them they were very calm.

Coco didn't like the flapping very much (of the canvas) as his yard is quite close to it, but he probably eventually got used to it - it's still blowing now and expected to for a few days.

Poor Maraschino had a mild bout of colic last night at dinner time - I think with the spring grass he's been gorging all day then gobbles down his dinner as well when I bring them in - so tonight - less dinner...

He'd stopped eating and was curving his body in an arc like he wanted to itch his side, then he was pawing the ground. He looked a bit like how my husband does when he eats bread too fast and it gets stuck half way down...

I took his cover off, did some porcupine, yo yo, and driving work with him to see if he could concentrate, and I walked him till he pooped then kept checking him every half hour. I also gave him a good rub down with a curry comb, massaging the tummy areas. His temperature was 38, and he wasn't clammy, and he had tummy sounds, so I didn't call the vet... thankfully the bowel movements continued.

On top of all that - we lost power for a few hours last night as well. This morning there are trees down and general debris everywhere!

Looking forward to getting out and having a play - the wind - if nothing else - will dry the ground up for me.

Oh and there is three Plover eggs in a nest in the round pen - they nest on the grass! Not too clever.


Cilla said...

Glad the worst of the storm is over with minimal disturbance. And Maraschino is better too.

Vicki said...

Thanks Cilla, still windy but no colic tonight which was good, he had a teeny dinner lol..