Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All clear

Garbo and I just returned from the Chiropractor and although he had a vertebrae (sacrum) out it wasn't anything too bad and he was NOT sore on his hip - yay.... so one day off and he's ok to get back into it.

Yay Yay Yay.

When we got there the horses that live there were having treatments - one was just standing tied up kicking the stable door, another just calling out constantly. Garbo was a bit on edge.

I took him into the arena - it was so nice to have one to use! and we did some yo yo, circle and change of direction till he calmed down and paid attention to me. It took about 2 minutes and then he was very calm both before, during and after the treatment. So much so he wanted to stay in the stable - very different to last time.

Loading was a wee bit of an issue again but I led him on again and we will work on 'loading in stressful places' another day.....

Good news is that he's back in shape and ready to ride - well ready to start working again anyway.

They are in the middle paddock now finally after 2.5 months and they are just loving it - so much so they hardly touch their hay at night - and as you can see Garbo very happy indeed.


Cilla said...

Such good news! Glad Garbo has been given the all clear.
c x

Vicki said...

Thanks Cilla. Yes very good news.