Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pilates for the dressage rider

I got my DVD in the mail this week - it's by Janice Dulak who has worked with Linda Parelli. I got it for a couple of reasons... my sacroiliac joint has been sore for quite a few months now (from back when I started doing the core balancing exercises from the Balance Mastery Manual).. it was back then I realised I couldn't straddle a barrel and lift my left leg (it's my left sacroiliac that's sore).

So months passed and the pain deferred to other areas - mainly my hip. Coupled with no riding due to my HORSE having his sore sacroiliac too (go figure - what's that about mirroring I hear you say?), for the last 4 months - my physio said I need to strengthen my core muscles to support the flexibility I have in my joints. I am one of those people that sit with my legs up all the time, or crossed legged on the floor.

The specialist wants to give me a joint injection but I am going to try this instead for a bit and kill two birds with one DVD.... hopefully improve my riding position too.

Just off to learn the into exercises now.... boy this stomach in and up; ribs together; bum tight; legs wrapping - makes you forget to breathe - let alone ride as well! I feel a steep learning curve ahead I think...


Kaylee said...

That's very cool! I was just wondering if you could post some of the excersises you do on here, maybe the mane ones. I'd like to start doing Pilates, but I don't think I have time. :) Anyway thanks!

Vicki said...

Hi Kaylee
It's a bit hard since it's not just a few exercises, you need to also know how to do them safely without hurting your back - which incorporates your powerhouse positions and breathing too... the workout is only 10 minutes so I am sure you can fit that in - you know what Pat says - don't have time to do it right but have time to do it wrong over and over and over...