Monday, August 23, 2010

Special moments

I have just been outside to muck out the yards before I go to bed, as I do every night in winter. It's nearly a full moon so it's quite light so I didn't take a torch, when I got there I couldn't hear anyone eating and realised by their breathing Garbo and Maraschino were each lying down in their yards.... Maraschino flat out.

Garb's is the closest yard so before I turned the stable lights on, I crept under the railing and lay down next to him, I have only ever crouched next to him in the paddock, but I lay right down along side him - he sniffed me, checked if I had carrots and we just lay there for a while.

I heard Maraschino sit up and then Garbo got up, so I crept under the next rail to Maraschino and lay next to him, he sniffed my face for ages and eventually just rested his nose on my cheek. It was so special. I've not been close to Maraschino when he has been lying down before.

Then he got up, I got up with the same legs as he did, at the same time.

Then I turned the lights on and cleared out the poop, and leant under the rail to see Coco, he sniffed me for a bit then nuzzled my cheek..... awwww..

Off to bed with a smile now....


Connima said...

Aww thats so nice. There is something special about being out at night under a full moon, its like the darkness insulates you from the outside world. Great photo of the "big lads".

Cilla said...

That's just lovely :-)

Twinnie said...

Vicki, that is SO special - thanks for sharing!! That is a huge trust thing.