Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rose the Strawberry Roan

I rode another different horse today. It's quite fun since Garbo is still "recovering" from his sacroiliac injury... to be able to give my friend a hand and also get to ride a different horse (and to have the confidence to correctly read her well enough before I got on).

Needless to say the ride was uneventful - but I used my spare hackamore - and she relaxed pretty much straight away. She has no lateral flexion what so ever - her neck was like a plank! So teaching her one rein stop was an exercise in dizziness to say the least! Still she was very sweet.

Bronwyn then had a wee ride too and towards the end Rose was making halt walk halt transitions like a pro. Sorry - no photos - forgot my camera! Doh.

Bronwyn is going to feed her treats from the saddle to help her get a bit more flexible in the neck... so then we'll see how she is in a few days.


Twinnie said...

Well done for helping out!! What horsenaility is she??

Vicki said...

She was definitely Left Brain...although a little dulled - think she's had a fairly 'rough' nine years - was a pig hunter... scared of ropes, whips, taking feet out of stirrups makes her head go up - so does mounting and dismounting..... I'd say introvert although once on she wanted to move her feet - broke into trot a couple of times...