Saturday, August 21, 2010


The boys are all moulting like crazy - giving up their winter coats.... in Garbo's case he loses his lighter hair and Maraschino loses his darker hair - and Coco goes more chocolate.

Mud boots!

By the time I had finished there was hair everywhere - all over me, each other, and the washbay floor. They all enjoyed the groom. At one stage I was combing Garbo's mane and Maraschino and Coco were both grooming my top. even got all the knots and twigs and bits of hay out of their tails, added top tails and combed Coco's mane too!

I must say this all the time but he was the best he's been yet - today. He let me scratch his face, his ears, under his mane, give him a hug, even put some more repair cream on his bald patch on his nose.

Coco giving me a Coco hug

Garbo started off a bit grumpy while I was grooming him, trying to boss me round about where I was grooming him - with my grooming arm I just extended my grooming action so my elbow reached up towards his nose each time and when he turned to grump at me his nose and my elbow collided. He was much more polite after that.

A kiss from Garbo

Maraschino was very placid - he just adores being brushed whereas Garbo - it seems to be only on his terms. Coco loves it too of course. I used the head down porcupine game to comb their forelocks and manes - even Garbo was good at it.

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