Thursday, July 3, 2008


I am not one who really agrees with yarding horses. I like to keep them as close to being a natural horse as possible. Neither of my boys have shoes, and I try not to over-rug.

Our new property has quite a bit of mud being that it's winter so I have been yarding them. The yards are outdoor with half of the 8x4m yard having a roof, but they are open air. It saves my grass for half the day (night) and keeps them out of the mud for 12 hours too. I designed them so as far as yards go I am pretty happy with them. The boys seem to enjoy being in there at night. Every morning they have post peelings all through their tails. So - for winter - I like my yards!

So - to make myself feel better - we have had some fun giving them some stable toys... an empty milk bottle with holes in it, and some molasses inside.

Very entertaining!


cilla said...

thats an intriguing idea for a stable toy. please give details!? holes where? what a cool idea.

Vicki said...

Hi Cilla
I know - keeps them entertained and trance like almost for hours licking away. Ok - remove the lid, hang the bottle by the handle with baling twine and poke holes (with nail) in the bottom...then pour in a little molasses each night! Voila.
Garbo initially didn't have one but he LOVES his. You can hear him playing with it all night.