Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Green ball

I had a cunning plan today - it was really sunny so I bought all three into the yards at 2pm and let them chill out instead of pacing the gateway when I bring Garbo in. Then I brought Garbo into the washbay and groomed him - he was really enjoying the sunshine and the groom.

Then we did some head down by combing the rope - trying to 1. lighten the response and 2. get him to keep his head down for longer.

Then I practised driving the HQ and FQ by just using my fingers and energy (like saying tut tut with your index finger - but with both hands). It worked - got a full circle of FQ and a full circle HQ.

Then we reviewed lateral flexion by combing the rope only.... and then I got the green ball out - it's not as big as Pat's - it's actually a Swiss (exercise) ball.

Garbo was ok if it was on the ground but as soon as I lifted it up off the ground it wasn't the same green ball as before. Tried bouncing it towards him, and letting him follow it. It doesn't bounce that well though. Then I touched his shoulder with the ball and he jumped away, so kept on with that until he didn't jump -he wasn't happy about it but finally he stopped staring ahead and turned his head towards it, and I let it down. So we didn't get it up on his back or anything....

Then I put Garbo back in his yard without his cover so he could stand in the sun for a while, and eat hay - and I got Maraschino out. Started off giving him a groom - he is so good now...lets me brush and curry comb him everywhere and keeps trying to eat my zip on my jacket.

Then I got the ball out and he was very confident with it (he has a blue ball tied to the side of his yard and I put molasses on it), on the ground -he was licking it and moving it round. I didn't try lifting it up today.... but we bounced it.

In between his unsure moments he would bite my zip again- kind of like a security thing. In the video you can see his leg is cocked but he can seem fine but he is quite introverted. I have not decided if he is LB or RB though. Need to find my charts - wonder what box they are in!

He is really good at leading - he leads with suggestion only and keeps touching me as we walk - he never passes me.... funny how they are all different.

Then we did some yo yo - check out how clever he is on Phase 2...just need to get it to Phase 1 now.

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