Saturday, July 5, 2008

Winning The Driving Game

It's been to wet to do anything so here's more from the old Level 2 booklet (1). It helps me to write (type) it out...

Objective - to be able to use the slightest suggestion and have your horse respond when playing the Driving Game.

1. Gradually build the distance and quality of your Driving Game from Zone 1 (backwards up to 20ft), Zone 2 (move the front end up to two full circles) and Zone 3 (move the hindquarters up to two full circles).

2. Phase 1 should take no more than a "Schwiegermutter look" and the slightest point of your finger. From there the phases become bigger motions until Phase 4 is actual contact with the horse. Make sure your horse is able to see it coming (end of the rope, the carrot stick or your hand), and has the option to do something to avoid it before you make contact.

Success Tip - Rhythm is an important ingredient in the Driving Game. Make sure you develop excellent rhythm in your fingers and arms when teaching your horse to move away from suggested pressure.

Pitfalls - not starting at Phase 1 and not being prepared to go to Phase 4 if necessary.

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