Saturday, July 12, 2008


It rained again today. So Garbo and I played in the wash bay (it's about 8m x 8m) while the other two watched from their yards. I got the umbrella out (since it was raining in the uncovered half of the washbay)!! and I walked with the umbrella up (facing Garbo and not facing him) with Garbo on the 12ft line. I allowed drift but he was pretty good.

He's just like Cilla's Lizzie - not too fond of new and unusual things... very skeptical and un LBI like.

Then I put him into his yard and gave them all dinner.

Tomorrow I head to London so won't see my boys for 8 days!


Jen said...

London, my goodness! Surely you and Cilla are going to meet up, right? You'll have to get her to give you a Parelli tattoo!!

Be safe and can't wait to hear about your journey!!


Geila said...

Hi! Not sure how I missed linking your blog - but I found it on another Savvy Club Members blog and have it linked now :)

Have fun in London!

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Jen said...

Hey Vicki..Jen again...just FYI I deleted my blog but haven't died or anything lol! I'll be back to check in on you soon.


Jen said...

It's me again!

New blog address:

Come visit me!