Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three horses to play with now

We had my brother and his wife coming for dinner and I had two hours to play with three horses, pick up three horses poos, feed them and have a shower, cut up fruit for the fruit platter and get the potatoes, beans and snapper ready for cooking. I did it in 2.5 hours - luckily they were 30 minutes late!

So first was Maraschino - he has a habit of chewing on the carrot stick at each rest period, and this photo shows him just after he was chewing it and he dropped it!

Anyway - he does the most lovely circle and bends in on the circle, eye on me at all times, and we even did some change of direction at walk today too. We started with transitions with the carrot stick today and also a bit of driving from Zone 3. Plus friendly game of course, and lots of waiting for my RBI.

Then I played a little with Garbo - just on backing at phase one again (without head up) and staying at trot on the circle. It was just a brief play.

Then while I had Garbo in his yard and Maraschino tied up in the wash bay I haltered Coco and tied the halter up quite high this time. In between scratching the scratchy spots!

He was a bit frightened with me being anywhere less except in front of Zone 1 when I have the stick and or rope. He was even quite scared during yo you - so I had a brain wave - I got Maraschino back out and did them together, just some leading and then some yo yo - this seemed to increase Coco's confidence alot.

After I took the halter off I made sure he didn't rush off, and scratched him - it's like the pay off - the scratches - he loves them so much - he almost agrees to anything lol.

How's that for puzzle solving!!??

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Twinnie said...


What a great idea and lovely picture of Coco and Maraschino.
You must be so pleased...