Saturday, March 20, 2010

Staying out

Our yo yo out had become a little fuzzy - Garbo was taking it as phase one of the circle game so once a little way out he would go crooked and then head off in the direction he thought I was going to send him. It was quite funny deciding which way I would send him and have him guess.... he usually got it wrong but he tries so hard to get it right.

So today we worked on backing out - then I would drop the rope and walk to him and give him a treat, then I would back back holding my finger up so he wouldn't follow me in, and then either ask him in or send him on a circle. Then I would stop him on the circle (this aid is still unclear even to me to be honest) and walk to him and give him a treat.

If he caem in I would scratch him but no treats.

Boy did he get it quick!

At one stage I was walking back in (it got to a point where I could turn my back and walk away without him following me back) and I would look at him and he was backing away even further.

What a clever boy.

Still not alot of luck with the cantering circles - but we are getting there - well working towards it slowly anyway.

I am trying to achieve it without getting him stressed, or even harder, without him getting confused.

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