Monday, March 22, 2010

Falling leaf finally

I re-watched Linda's Savvy Club DVD 35 on falling leaf, then again without sound, and headed out to practise. She does it the way I was trying to do it - and doesn't disengage the HQ's the way Russell showed me and it looks much easier.

So we did some circle first and we used the pole and he stayed in trot, went up to canter when asked but the most he got was 3/4 of a lap but then would go up a transition again when I asked, and we did this for about 10 laps all up I guess. Got to be making him fitter if nothing else!

I managed to get him to stay out on the 22ft too. And keep going over the pole. And the changes of directions therefore were also good being that he was out further. We have come a long way in the last few weeks. I kept on with my plan of rewarding him while he is out.

Then I tried the falling leaf - and I got it! In a very basic form - and I had to bump him if he went past me a couple of times but he stayed away from me and I managed to get the changes of directions on both sides quite well.

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Twinnie said...

well done!! That is so good to be able to look back and pick it up off an old dvd. There's always more than one way..!!
Looking forward to seeing your liberty.....