Monday, February 3, 2014

Ventured out of the round pen

I haven't really ridden Maraschino in the paddock since he was started in June. I've ridden him in the round pen and in a couple of arenas. Tori rode him on a trail around Waimarie, and Michelle's ridden him on the track at Crescent. So today was the day. My fiend suggested I ride him from the round pen back to the barn. So that was my plan.

Yesterday we did some yo yo between the pedastal and the jump stands, and today when I asked him to do the same he offered to get up on the pedestal. Happy about that.

In this photo he was chewing on something and I had a look and it was a piece of rubber from the arena...he spat it out. Funny thing.

We did a little trot to make sure he wasn't emotional and then I got on.

We've been working on the mounting process. He'd been moving off which we have fixed, but now when I hold his mane to mount he lifts his head up. Yesterday I did lots of up and down until he relaxed, then I got on, then I got off. :-) today he was really good at standing and the head lifting is getting better.

We did follow the rail, and don't come off the rail today. Then a little trot a couple of times, and then we practiced mounting again because I needed to open the bungee....didn't want to try out doing it while on board with Maraschino just yet. I can do it with Garbo just fine. Then I got back on and focused on heading back to the barn.

I had been playing Jewel on my speakers and at the end of the songs was applause. He looked up there after each song while we were playing and riding. So heading back to the barn wasn't as enticing as it normally is lol. He was drawn to the left to see Garbo so I turn him back to the round pen as a retreat then headed back to the barn again. We got half way before he hesitated so I got off there. Pretty happy with that.


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