Saturday, February 15, 2014

Caprioling Pony

Well - within a few days Garbo has caprioled 5 times over two rides.

Ride 1  - bit, on track, out, relaxed rein, with Maraschino
Ride 2 - from home down paper road, in hackamore, no bit, on his own, loose rein

so - as you can see - nothing was in common with each other to cause it.

Ride 1, I was totally relaxed. Totally came out of nowhere and was fine again seconds later as if it never happened. 

Ride 2 not as much. ;-) Neither was he. 
On the paper road he did it 3 times then I got off. 

I asked my friend to ride him two days later and she's a really good rider. He did it to her too and she said it was a spook - just a high spirited one lol. So she rode him really forward and half halted him - slight partial disengagement when she could tell he was thinking up things to do. He went really well after that.

Only thing I have changed is his chaff so I am going to cut that out from tomorrow. 

Hopefully that helps.
off up the private road 
checking out the sheep next door 
Hubby came for moral support 
what an amazing day

and amazing view...  

garbo was looking strangely at George for taking photos strangely 

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