Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maraschino's adventure hack from home

Michelle kindly came over to ride maraschino while I rode Garbo and we had a plan to ride both of them on the paper road.

We warmed them both up and then got on. I actually warm Garbo up at liberty most of the time because he loves it so much. Today he went sideways over a jump stand lying flat on the ground (one of those big plastic square ones that loo like part of a jigsaw puzzle).

We rode around the track twice. Garbo normally hates that because "it's boring Mum" but we told him it was his job to show maraschino the ropes and he was really good. Maraschino had a wee trot away up the hill part of the track and Garbo was like "yeah, nah".

Then we headed out into the private road, past the three neighbours, one with barking dogs and turned left into the paper road which borders the length of our neighbours property and ours.

At the end is a field of maize. I think they would have liked to just keep going in actual fact - had we let them I think they would have trail blazed throughout he maize.

On the way back Maraschino went ahead on hs own - brave boy - and Garbo didn't get bothered either.

When we got back to the top of the paper road they wanted to go left further down the paper road - rather than down the private road back home... but it was a tad stony so we left it there and headed back to Coco.

What good ponies.
And lots of cute ear and eyelash shots!

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