Saturday, December 13, 2008

Savvy Club DVD

I watched Issue 38 this morning and it inspired me to have a Parelli afternoon with my boys. Firstly I rasped a little off Garbo's front feet as they are so long they are cracking.

Then I set up the barrels, spools, the balls and cones. I decided to start with the little ball rather than the big green one. So while I was waiting for Garbo's hoof oil to dry I managed to get the scary blue ball onto Garbo's back! Many times in the end.... he was not overly impressed but he got better and licked and chewed a bit later. Think I will do it 7 days in a row. Then try the green ball.

Then we did some patterns, touch it, figure eight, added in some trot poles and I put the green ball between the two barrels and asked Gabo to move it out of the way- and he did - I was so amazed.

Then I took the halter off and we did some stick to me.... my trot is not as good as Garbo's - he has to wait for me. lol.

Then I thought hmmm why don't I ask for Figure 8 (which we aced after watching the dvd) at liberty - I got two complete F8's! He wandered off and ate grass then so I tagged his bum - boy did he get a fright. I wandered over and asked him to come back and he did. We met half way. Then we did some more stick to me and I led him by the mane after an apple, back into his stall.

Maraschino's turn! He is so much better at haltering now. We had a few things to work on... the fear of ropes and some driving and porcupine. He still jumped out of his skin when I swung the carrot stick rope over him, so we spent ages using the CS with teh rope hanging to scratch all the itchty places. Then we did a bit of touch it, and a couple of figure 8's and then we walked a bit round the track with me swinging the CS and SS from side to side. He was good with me facing away but facing him was a bit scary...he ran into it and the CS clunked him on the nose. He got a huge fright and reared and backed up (almost simultaneously)... I kept hold of him and gave him a cuddle - he was pleased for the cuddle.

He's such a smooch. Then he started eating grass. We did a little bit more and stopped after he showed Garbo how clever he was by yo yoing backwards into his yard.

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