Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nice evening ride

Garbo was not too impressed about me riding him after his dinner but it was a lot cooler - we have had really hot days so it's great to be able to feed him at 4.30 and then ride at 7pm.

He tried to turn back a few times as we did follow the rail but I went to phase 3 and off we went again. We did a few transitions and a couple of 180 degree turns. It wasn't a long ride but I enjoyed it - even if Garbo wasn't completely convinced about the whole point of it!

You can see our upside down tomato plant to the left of my head!

Like my colour co-ordinated clothing!!?? It was really just my garding clothes lol.


cilla said...

garbo doesnt look too put out and you look relaxed and happy. i dont think he approves of those pink wellies tho lol!
i cant wait for summer when i can grow antipodean tomatoes!

Vicki said...

They are Sloggers love - not wellies... those are my white legs!
He actually was pretty good - just keen to get back to washbay after two laps of the track... think I give in too easy

cilla said...

oh my god vicki i am so sorry i thought you were wearing wellies aarghhhh!!!!!! there must be something wrong with my eyes lol!