Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I rode Garbo bareback today but his hooves are in sucj dire need of a trim that he was tripping over a bit (just stumbling) so I decided it was too hard for him to balance himself with me on as well so I got off, took the bareback pad off and we did some circles concentrating on purity of gait, and not stopping. I had a pocket full of carrots and added in change of direction after three nice 22ft circles one way, and then a carrot after another three the other way. Worked really well - it was really the first time he has been out on the end of the 22ft nicely and calmly and with a nice trot, while still paying attention to me.

I had to use the carrot stick and string to get him to back up before we start the circle, because he decides to start the circle before he has backed up. (shortcut).

Then we did some liberty and at first when I asked for circle he trotted off - about 50ft away, I sneaked up behind him until he looked at me then I backed up and he followed. I tried again and he circled but really close so I asked him out a bit more and he trotted away towards the gate (about 100ft away). I called him and he stopped. Remember I had carrots. He looked back and came back. I gave him a carrot and asked again for a circle. And I got it - a lovely 22ft trot circle at liberty - that really was a first!!!

We did some stick to me and we went over a jump a couple of times. It was about 2ft I guess.

So - trimmer coming tomorrow, all in all a good day.

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