Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 3 & Maraschino doing well

Maraschino had a session again today and he at one point had the lead rope kind of stuck on the saddle horn therefore asking him to bend laterally - he kind of panicked a bit and then it started to rain and he over-reacted to everything because Michaela's rain coat was making funny noises. So it was a while before Michaela jumped on.
She amazes me - she gets on and off from the ground!!
Then she added the flags and he cantered around the arena with those...I think he's going to be pretty easy going at the end of all this because they certainly cover all bases.

When she was on she mainly did FQ and HQ yields and not very much just forward...
Afterwards we shooed the cows on the way back to his paddock - that was fun.

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