Friday, April 12, 2013

Maraschino coming home

The crash test dummy aka Taryn has exams this week so she won't be available to ride Maraschino till later next week, and the girls are away all weekend at a clinic so I bought him home! It's so good to have him home, and Coco agrees.

I took Garbo down there and went for a ride first, then loaded Garbo and then Maraschino. He practically self loaded! Off we set home. They both travelled well and Maraschino didn't poop!

Here are the boys on camera on the drive home.

On arrival he tried to rush off before I had undone the barriers so I asked him forward and to wait. Off he came and then I unloaded Garbo as well and took them both to the wash bay. I put their covers on and then gave him a big scratch. He yawned some big yawns and then I put them in the paddock. He walked around checking all the poo piles and the new rubber in the round pen all while eating grass! Think he's enjoying the space!

This is a rainbow on the way there....down our rained quite heavily just before I loaded. We need it so its good.


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