Monday, June 6, 2011

First ridden session Game of Contact

I headed off about 3 o'clock with both the boys - I feel it's good practice for Maraschino to go everywhere with us. And he's so adorable to load.

This was them on the way!

Maraschino was very OMG when we arrived - seeing all the horses there just over the fence, but Michelle went and got her horse and put him an a yard, and we put Maraschino in the next one - they could both see the arena from there so that was kinda nice. It didn't take him long to settle in with his new friend - they were very well behaved. Garbo on the other hand saw Flipper as a threat the the herd and started rearing in his yard (he was on the other side of Maraschino). Goodness me - he's such a blimmen stallion sometimes. Drama Queen as I kindly refer to him.

So after a "hello" to Flipper as we passed by, Garbo and I headed to the arena.

Those of you that know me, know I am the first to show everyone my mistakes... and my befores!
Today is going to be no exception.

First though - a peekaboo into Garbo's float ride there.... courtesy of my float cam.

So first we did some online. After reading my Match report again today - it said so use really soft little phase one and strong playful phase 4.... so I did that for the circle send and got a very good result. Pleased about that. Also had a check of sideways, and did lots of transitions - preparing for the re-filimg of my L3. I scored Level 3, 3+ on alot of the last one but sideways and canter circle and transitions 2++. Found out later his hip was out and felt bad, but have not got round to re-doing it!!  Going to before I got to Pagosa - OK everyone. There - it's out there.

Bridle on - he sought the bit - yay. On I jump and everything position wise went out the window - didn't realise my feet are so far forward, forgot to to pull my abs, tuck pelvis AND ribs.... remembered armpits and resting hands most of time. Forgot to follow the rail. Oh MY!!

Ok - so here is my bad banana.

Session 1 - Bad banana, crappy elbows, reins too long

At one point I got off because Garbo was getting emotionally distracted with a horse getting off a truck... and my rule is...get off if I get nervous... I took this chance to do the Bit Simulation on the ground because I hadn't done it yet today (thanks for reminding me Michelle). Boy did I get some yawning.

Then I got back on and did a bit more and my list of things I forgot gets bigger the more I look at these, but the end result was a nice stretch (Stage 2) so quite pleased.

Oh my goodness... did my body position go to the pot or what??!

11 oclock, 1 oclock

Nice neck stretch, with sliding reins


Cilla said...

Brilliant! Pagosa?? Wow! Wonderful! C'mon details please!!!! x

Vicki said...

Oh thought you knew, booked it this time last year, flex track like you ;-)