Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 4!!! Bit Simulation

Well Day 4 was pretty good, I noticed Garbo was pretty interested in me today. And he seemed calm and trusting about what I was doing. I was pretty happy.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow I am taking both the boys to Waimarie - they have an arena there so I'll be able to hop on and see of badly the reins mean stop of slow. I'll also do some L3 Online filming practise.

With Mr M - after watch the March Savvy Club DVD - I know - I am a bit behind, Linda was testing the 7 games with Hot Jazz, I decided to do the same with Maraschino - he reminds me so much of Maraschino (Hot Jazz) who is an RBI - so I am wondering now if the Horsenality report was biased from his grass toxin symptoms - they had most likely been building up over the months of Autumn. Anyway - play with the horse that shows up right?!

Here's us then isolating sideways... it was a squeeze as well as you can see.... sideways between the poles. He did a lovely one just before this video...and as you can see my left hand wasn't as good as my right.

Then I backed Garbo into his yard... think he's quite enjoying all this...

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