Thursday, February 10, 2011

Riding again

It was over a month since I rode Garbo and that was bareback!
Off we headed to Jools to use the grass arena. I asked a friend to come so I wasn't riding alone, and it's more fun then too. Well I am pleased to say we walked, trotted and cantered!

I was so happy, and so hot!! We've had some scorching weather with humidity too. Add to that, Jools arena is surrounded by trees so you get no breeze.

Anyway - Garbo seems really sound and happy. I decided the arena is perhaps a little small for him to canter in (for now) so I decided next time we'd go in the race around the arena and three neighbouring paddocks. It has three sides, and each is about 150m long I guess.

My confidence is certainly improving. I'm so pleased about that. My new rule is working just fine - if I am nervous, don't get on, or get off. It's working fabulously.

We went back a few days later - I got there early to walked Garbo round the race inhand so see if there were any issues or thresholds. There weren't - just willow trees to nibble on!

I rode in the arena again - wasn't quite ready to canter in the race, and I worked on getting Garbo to canter on our difficult side, right rein - I got a couple of good strides. He stops in the middle (and eats)... I think he thinks it's a reward for cantering. So next is to get him cantering for longer down the rail, then work towards a whole lap. But I might try the race next time too.

We did walk round it (freestyle). One step at a time. Trot next.

My seat is getting much more consistent in canter which is allowing me to think about steering now. Yay.

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