Monday, January 3, 2011

2nd ride prep - Maraschino

My friend Michelle came over for a playdate with us today and I played a bit with Maraschino in the round pen. I have trot poles (pink ones) in there now, barrells, jump pole and stand....

We did a bit of circle but with a transition and stop at every quarter so that he had something to focus on every little bit, instead of just running. This got him quite focussed and very calm.

We set up trot poles for him and he conquered those (3) no trouble at all.

I also did a bit of 'unwinding' - you know when you put the rope over their head and over their back and round the back end and you stand at their head with the other end of the rope, and gently flex their head by pulling the rope, then unwind them basically.

He panicked a little feeling the rope behind his legs so we did half unwinds till he got confident again.

Then we left it at that - he had a lot to think about!

What a clever boy!

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