Thursday, January 6, 2011

2nd ride - Maraschino

So today Michele played with Maraschino while I got more obstacles into the round pen - added the small green ball (then we'll add the big one!), jump stands and yellow pole.

She had a little play and then bounced the green ball around him, then bounced it on him, he was a little jumpy at first, but got better real quick - then she rolled it along his back, up his neck... all good.

So she got on after a few bounces, and then off again, then back on - all the while Maraschino just stood there looking totally relaxed.

Once on again I led him round and over trot poles, fast walking, slow walking like stick to me while Michelle rode Red Indian style (no reins just the mane)... then we tied the other end of the lead rope up and she had a go at directing him from a-high. I stayed where I would be if I was leading him and we added in the smooch everytime we walked off, and I would tell Michelle when I was slowing or stopping and she'd relax in her body. He was so good - didn't put a foot wrong.

Next she said ok go a bit faster at walk and we'll do a wee trot - and we did - and he was great!!

Cool huh!!!

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