Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weave pattern

Even though our Figure 8's have gone a bit pear shaped we started the weave today and I think it will help actually. Our biggest hole at the moment is driving Zone 2 further away from me - at any stage. Garbo wants to sit on my lap and have carrots I think (instead). He is slowly realising that what Pat does for driving from a distance (rhythmic pressure on Zone 2) means move away. The weave pattern actually helped - I had two barrels and two spools so 4 objects. And we even got it at trot for one time - nearly all 4.

Then I decided to ride and sort out the opposition reflex for turns (when Garbo wants to go back to washbay and stand by his rope until he gets his dinner)... gosh that was hard - I would ask for the turn by lifting the rope out and back up with CS if he resisted - of course he would start heading off in the correct direction and swifly turn back the other way -my CS, rope lifting skills from one side to the other, to allow the gradual phases were simply not up to speed.

After about half an hour of 'discussing' I got off and realised it was 6pm - way after his dinner time. If I had of tried that a year ago I would have had a spooking bucking horse - so I took what I got as a good result and gave him his dinner.

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