Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Scary tractor

This is what happened when Tim was mowing the middle paddock. The horses thought the tractor was chasing them.!

Check out the co-ordinated canter and flying changes by them both.

The next time I decided I would try putting them in the yards so they couldn't 'practise' running around each time they saw a tractor and they were great!


Jen said...

Interesting to see Maraschino's snakey head bit as they came down the first time. Was it dominance toward the tractor do you think or was he taking advantage of Garbo's 'weakness' to assert himself? Only got to see this video in 3 second increments for some reason...the blogger video never works for me..I must have something wrong on my computer, but anyway, they were beautful if nothing else!! :)

Vicki said...

Hi Jen
I think he thought it was a bit of a game - he seems to do that if they run around playing. I think one day he will try and dominate Garbo - I saw him try and bite him last week (with his baby teeth)... but not for a while yet anyway! lol