Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday - part one

Today - our last day before the dressage people of the yard arrived home, we had a digger and truck to contend with - of all things. Before I started Parelli there was a digger in the same place as it was today - and everytime I led Garbo towards it - at about 100ft away he would 180 degree spin, pull the rope out of my hands and high-tail it outta there - away from the digger.

Today I led him right past it - calm as - okay well he sped up a teeny bit (walking) and put me between the digger and him but we passed within 30ft of it - I was very impressed.

The truck kept backing past us while we were grooming too - Garbo was a bit worried but I just let him move his feet.

Check out the veins in his legs! Odd. It was pretty hot.

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