Thursday, March 21, 2013

Maraschino - Week 2 at Big Boys Camp

Well it's been a long week but it's gone fast. Maraschino has had 8 sessions now since last Tuesday (he arrived there Monday - he had the arrival day, then Friday and this last Monday off).

Each day I go and see him and give him some feed and some UDT. (Undemanding time). Sometimes he has time for me and other times he just wants to think (and eat). Today was a good day he licked me all over my face, neck, ears, while I giggled - he's so cute like that. He must have had a good session today. I haven't had a chance to ask about today yet.

So this past week he's been exposed to the flag x1000, a flank rope, tummy rope, a big western saddle, noisy bags, etc. Soon they will do some of the same stuff from the fence, before they get on.

Teresa said he was one of the most unbroke horses she's come across but he went pretty Right Brain after he arrived - his world was a bit topsy turvey there for a while after spending the last 5 years with me and my comfort zone place. I think he's catching up pretty well now.

He looks like a very grown up horse to me (for the first time) in this photo above.
Here's a wee video also.

 Doesn't he look cute in a western saddle!!
Awwwww - still my wee baby....
I told Teresa that it was a huge thing for me to trust someone else with him - and that the reason I got a young horse was so that I had no "baggage" with the horse. She understood. While they do things the Buck way - I can see why they do everything and none of it will do him any hard at all. So far so good!

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