Saturday, December 8, 2007


After spending some time improving our changes of direction and sideways online today I saddled Garbo up and put his beads on and we went riding. I stood on the side of the arena to get on and realised I had forgotten something so left Garbo there and went back to the stable. I headed back to him and he was just standing there looking at me - so sweet.

I had some trot poles still laid out and we trotted a bit over those. We just headed off towards the other end of the arena and he offered trot (this was so not normal 5 months ago) - and then he offered canter, and kept offering canter. The only hard part for me was the circle (turning) I keep leaning in - I have to remember to keep my focus above my shoulders (weight to the outside).

It was so much fun.

Then I got off and put the rope over his neck and ran around the arena and he followed me and stopped when I stopped and trotted when I ran. We did this all the way back to the stable.

No bucks now since August and no lameness either.

Didn't get to work with Blue today - time just flies! Tomorrow!

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